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Development History


2002:★ extension Pu Wei was formally established.
2005:★ Beijing Branch (Beijing Oriental scenery New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.), a leading research and development of optical lighting system, production and sales.

★ won the "outstanding construction enterprises".

★ Beijing company developed the production "SUNTUBE" light guide illumination system.

2007:★ won the "Install Star", Daikin (China) Silver Business honorary title.

Founded ★ mechanical automatic production lines, in regulating the production, enhance the quality of the installation at the same time for the company to enter the production industry foundation. ★ won the "advanced construction enterprises," the honorary title of "outstanding construction enterprises", Daikin (China) Gold distribution enterprises.

★ Beijing won the bid, "Beijing Olympic Park" light guide illumination projects.

2009:★ 09 Established extension Pu Wei established (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd., formally announced extension Pu Wei overseas markets.

★ won the ISO9001 international quality management system certification

★ won the honorary title of the Shenzhen municipal government invested a preselected contractor accreditation, Daikin (China) Gold distribution enterprises.

2011:★ electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering contracting promoted to Grade B.

★ won the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

★ and passed OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.

★ won the 2012 annual "quality supplier" honorary title awarded the Galaxy Group.

★ won (electrical and mechanical refrigeration equipment) maintenance of enterprise technology Certificate II.

★ According to the company planning, siting, design and construction of the preparations for the Oriental scenery New Energy Center building started in February.

2013:★ build a set of office, factory production, processing, storage, accommodation as one of the Oriental scenery New Energy Center building, August Oriental scenery New Energy Center was completed in September, the company moved to Zhongshan Park, Nanshan District, West New Oriental scenery of new energy center office building.

★ electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering contractor level successfully promoted to First Class.

★ won the Shenzhen Construction Industry Association membership card.

2015:★ won Baju built Skyworth project awarded 2015 annual "quality construction units" honorary certificate.

★ Shenzhen City won Refrigeration Institute membership card.

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