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 Shenzhen extension Pu Wei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in January 25, 2002, the registered capital of 30.8 million yuan. Main business: the transformation and maintenance of central air-conditioning systems engineering construction scheme for the design, installation, central air-conditioning system, the system of air-conditioning systems engineering and maintenance, maintenance, utilities, fire, lightning and other installation, and provide the most advanced types of brand air-conditioning host and ancillary equipment. There has been the Ministry of Construction issued the "construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering contractor Yiji" qualification certificate. The company has an independent production and processing plant equipment, and is equipped with a full range of engineering tools required for installation, materials and construction facilities, installation of all types of air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration, hydropower projects and other construction projects and maintenance services to provide timely and advantageous construction and installation and maintenance conditions. More than 400 various types of employees, all kinds of engineering and technology and economic management staff of 100 people, the equipment installed in the field with a good reputation and the quality of service based on the installation of air-conditioning industry.

At present, the company has built landmark projects: Tower Shenzhen air conditioning engineering, air conditioning engineering Mindray Headquarters Building, Han's Laser headquarters building air conditioning, Jinjia office building air conditioning works, air conditioning works Malata Technology Building, Hengda City sales center New Air Conditioning Engineering Galaxia century Building VRV air conditioning works, air conditioning works Galaxia Time garden, modern international Building VRV air conditioning works, air conditioning works central West Valley Building, Library of Dongguan University of Technology, Dongguan Wang Plaza air conditioning works, BASF Chongqing, central air-conditioning installation, Siu Chi innovation central air conditioning works industrial Park, Yu Ping industrial zone with central air-conditioning works and install central air-conditioning project Galaxy Albemarle works.

The company has undergone arduous pioneering process of good governance, persist in reform and innovation, innovation in development. With a solid strength, advanced management concepts and excellent team, to create hundreds of quality engineering, around Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Xiamen, Nanjing, Yichang, Chongqing, Pingxiang, Qingdao, Quanzhou, Shanghai, China major cities, won wide praise of the community.

Extension PSC proactive person, never satisfied, determined to make more fine works to the society. With our desire to cooperate in good faith and look forward to all friends and work together, win-win situation.

Topway proactive, never satisfied, determined to make more fine works to the society, for the country's economic development, social prosperity and make greater contribution. Extension Pu Wei people with a sincere desire and dedication of all friends together for a better tomorrow.
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