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Professional team


Professional team

Because professional so trustworthy

Our most professional:

The company has a trusted professional installation and maintenance team, the team members a 100% hold a valid Certificate of industry, of which more than 50 percent of the staff was 'assistant' title. More than 95% of employees in the extension Pu Wei in air conditioning installation, maintenance (inspection, installation) more than five years experience, familiar with a variety of air-conditioned structure. Excellent installation, maintenance experience, strong sense of service, to create a number of national model project.

Our most reliable:

1. Team: The company has its own stable construction team (more than 200 stable construction team), of which more than 95% of employees in Rio Pu Weida more than five years.

2. Material: The company has more than 3,000 square meters of delivery room independent production, mainly in the central air-conditioning duct, smoke duct, light guide illumination materials processing; the company of more than 800 square meters of standardized warehouse, storing frequently used construction equipment to strengthen the response capacity temporary project as well as by the quality and quantity to complete the project to provide a strong backing. This provides an absolute advantage in construction technology, construction management, providing a powerful guarantee for the quality of the project.

We most warmly:

After the project, the team will develop a set of after-sales tracking service programs, and professional and technical personnel to be assigned the responsibility to implement; after the warranty period, the company signed a maintenance agreement with the user, the company sent personnel to carry out regular maintenance of equipment , implementation of a tracking service.

Our most efficient:

Companies can reach the scene within 24 hours after receiving the maintenance of telephone users, owners peace of mind.

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